5B​ is the inspirational story of everyday heroes, nurses and caregivers who took extraordinary action to comfort, protect and care for the patients of the first AIDS ward unit in the United States. ​5B​ is stirringly told through first-person testimony of these nurses and caregivers who built Ward 5B in 1983 at San Francisco General Hospital, their patients, loved ones, and staff who volunteered to create care practices based in humanity and holistic well-being during a time of great uncertainty. The result is an uplifting yet candid and bittersweet monument to a pivotal moment in American history and a celebration of quiet heroes, nurses and caregivers worthy of renewed recognition.

Impact Goal

Educate the public about the history of HIV/AIDS and its legacy, while spreading awareness about the importance of compassionate care practices that are based in humanity and holistic well-being.


  • Develop partnerships with HIV/AIDS organizations, medical providers, nursing schools, and LGBTQ+ groups to promote the film’s theatrical release and grassroots screening tour.
  • Facilitate grassroots screenings that equip hosts and attendees with the resources to address the specific needs of their communities.
  • Collect licensing fees from screening hosts to support (RED), an organization that engages the global community in the fight to end HIV/AIDS.


  • 40+ partnerships were secured to promote the theatrical and community screenings.
  • The film reached an estimated 8,000+ people through the grassroots screening tour. 
  • Over $5,000 was raised through the film’s licensing fees with a portion of the proceeds supporting (RED)’s efforts. 

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