What We Are Reading: The Wonderful Women in Media

Women have struggled hard and long for their time in the spotlight, whether it be as the star of the film or behind the scenes. As such, it is important to recognize the progress that women have made in the film industry and the strides that will be taken in the future.

We’ve pulled together a few recommended reads that feature the latest strides of women in film and television:

The ‘Beguiled’ Test: Does the Director’s Gender Matter?

The Beguiled is a new Focus Features film directed by Sofia Coppola. The story, first written as a book by Thomas Cullinan in 1966, made its film debut in 1971 as a film by Don Siegel, starring Clint Eastwood. By retelling the story from the female perspective Coppola adds a dimension of humanity to female characters that hasn’t been seen in many films until recently. Because The Beguiled is a remake, Sofia’s take on the story can be easily juxtaposed to Siegel’s in order to examine the differences between male and female directors. Because of my interest in exploring the complexities of women from a woman’s perspective, I can’t wait to see The Beguiled.

The Beguiled is now in theaters and you can watch the trailer here.

Alison Brie on Her ‘GLOW’ Role: I Want to ‘Shatter This Image That People Have of Me’

As the executive producer of Orange Is the New Black, Jenji Kohan is no stranger to producing shows with strong female characters. Kohan’s new series, Glow, is a new Netflix original series based on the 1980s womens wrestling show by the same name, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Featuring a cast with women of all ethnicities and sizes, the show tackles intersectional feminism and stereotypes in a way rarely seen before on screen. The incredible diversity and unique story makes Glow a must watch for me.

GLOW is now available to stream on Netflix and you can watch the trailer here.

Alicia Silverstone on Hype Surrounding Wonder Woman: ‘There Have Been Many Movies with Female Leads’

In an interview with Variety Alicia Silverstone discusses her opinion on the “Wonder Woman Effect.” Ms. Silverstone brought up a compelling notion that there is strength in women who aren’t super powered. She mentions The Good Wife, Bridesmaids, Clueless, and Mean Girls as examples of entertainment featuring strong female characters. Silverstone seemed a little “clueless” about the hype surrounding Wonder Woman, as she points out that women have been persevering and fighting for quite some time, and quiet characters can be incredibly strong in their own way as well. But thanks to Wonder Woman, the film industry has been forced to realize that incredibly strong women can have lead roles and be just as great, if not better than men. Wonder Woman is incredibly important in terms of the representation of well-rounded, fierce women, who have long deserved the spotlight for a long time and as such is a must watch for everyone.

With the major success of Wonder Woman, we can expect a surge of female leads in the near future. Wonder Woman is currently in theaters.

By: Madisen Gray, LA Intern

Madisen is a Los Angeles native now attending New York University for her undergraduate degree. She enjoys volunteering with children, learning new languages, and exploring and traveling in her free time. She is excited to work with Picture Motion to continue her passion for improving education for children, as well as increasing human rights through film by raising awareness of social issues.