This Week at Picture Motion

This week we were excited to see our social action goals at play!  On Wednesday a few advocates including Evan Grae Davis, the director of It’s a Girl, tried to deliver petitions against gendercide, signed by over 200,000 people, to the Chinese Embassy.  

It’s A Girl: In 2012 we developed and executed the social action and distribution strategy for the documentary film, It’s a Girl. Months in the making, on Tuesday evening the filmmakers had a screening of the documentary on Capitol Hill!  The following day, Congressman Chris Smith, Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, and Evan Grae Davis attempted to deliver 200,000 petition signatures to the Chinese Embassy in Washington.  The petition demanded that China stop forced abortion and sterilization under the One Child Policy and to put an end to gendercide. The Chinese Embassy staff did not open the doors to accept the documents.  The event and reactions of the Chinese Embassy highlight one of the core problems of gendercide; it is not widely recognized as a major issue.  Although the petition is now closed, you can still learn more about how you can take action!  For more on the recent events, you can read about it here.

Kalyanee Mam, left, speaking at the Q&A following a screening of her film.

Ping Pong: Our newest project highlights the power of the human spirit and exposes how table tennis can keep us young and vibrant.  The film already had great success in the UK with its Ping Pong Care Campaign, bringing the film to thousands of communities across the UK.  We are currently working on outreach to potential partners this week to promote healthy active lifestyles at every age. We are looking forward to launching the US tour of Ping Pong!

Herman’s House: Our New York City Theatrical Run was a smashing success, selling out shows at Greenwich Village’s Cinema Village theater. Due to high demand, an extra week has been added running through May 2. You can find a show and purchase tickets here.

A River Changes Course: April 19, marked the New York City premiere at the Lincoln Center.  The sold-out show was followed by an engaging Q&A with director Kalyanee Mam. The film’s premiere was a part of the New Dreams: The Emerging Cambodian Cinema showcase. The film will continue to play the festival circuit as we develop the best audience engagement strategy for the film.