PicMo Pride - Films for Celebrating Pride Month

June is Pride month and Picture Motion is excited to celebrate by doing one of the things we love the most, watching movies! Here is a small selection of our favorite documentaries and narratives. Have any suggestion for additional LGBTQ+ films? Send us a tweet!

PARIS IS BURINING – Christie Marchese, CEO 

How to watch: Netflix Streaming, Youtube (free), Veoh and Amazon

PHILADELPHIA – Wendy Cohen, President

How to watch: Amazon (Free with Starz subscription), Hulu, Vudu and Youtube

FINDING KIM – Mike Denton, VP Campaign Strategy

“Being biracial has created empathy for the struggle of not fully belonging to one cleanly defined group or another. I love the hope in Kim’s journey and the confidence in the end. Also a very close friend, Aaron Bear, is the producer/director.”

How to watch: Rent on Amazon Video, Google Play and Vudu

Learn more: http://www.findingkim.com

HOW TO SURVIVE A PLAGUE – Megan Ryan, Director of Impact Distribution 

How to watch: Netflix Streaming

Learn more: http://surviveaplague.com

A SINGLE MAN – Emma Ho, Director of Special Projects

How to watch: Netflix Streaming

Learn more: Trailer

THE TIMES OF HARVEY MILK – Alexandra Pearson, Director of Digital Strategy

“Great doc about an incredible figure that made a meaningful local impact, he was one of several political figures that inspired me to pursue political advocacy.”

How to watch: Available to Rent on Amazon, Youtube, Google Play and Vudu

Learn more: Trailer

ANGELS IN AMERICA – Julie Kohn, Director of Partnerships

How to watch: Netflix DVD, Free on HBO GO, Amazon Video, Youtube, iTunes and Vudu

THE BIRDCAGE – Kait Halibozek, Impact Distribution Manager

“Parts of it may feel a little dated and not exactly politically correct, given that this film was released in 1996, but the story of a gay couple attempting to be more “family-friendly” to their son’s conservative future in-laws, only to discover that their family is special and awesome just the way it is and that all that matters is the happiness of their children and families as a whole, is certainly the type of story we could use more of in today’s fractured political landscape.”

How to watch: Dailymotion (Free), , Amazon Video, Vudu, Google Play and iTunes

NO DRESS CODE REQUIRED – Shadi Garman, Social Media Coordinator

“This is a wonderful feel-good documentary about two men named Fernando and Victor and their quest for marriage equality in Mexico. Their love and determination will inspire you!”

Learn more: Trailer

PELO MALO – Andre Augustine, Impact Campaign Coordinator

“Pelo Malo, which translates to Bad Hair, is a powerful story about a little boy who simply longs to straighten his hair but is forced to deal with the racist and homophobic backlash from his family and friends.”

How to watch: Netflix DVD, Rent on Amazon Video, Google Play and YouTube

Learn more: Website

MOONLIGHT – Kibret Yebetit, Impact Campaign Coordinator

“Besides being visually hypnotizing, Moonlight is a deep dive into the life of the protagonist, Chiron, and masterfully examines the intersections of sexuality, black masculinity, and poverty. Easily one of the greatest films of all time!”

How to watch:  iTunes (best price), Amazon Video, YouTube, Google Play, Vudu

Learn more: Trailer

ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW – Kayla Carroll, Administrative Coordinator

“It’s queer and feel-good and broke open doors! It is a little dated and therefore not really politically correct, but when it came out it celebrated gender fluidity and was inspiring in that way. I think it’s a great queer celebration movie for pride month!”

How to watch: Netflix DVD, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and YouTube

Learn more: Website and Trailer