June Filmanthropy: Welcome to Leith

 At Picture Motion we want to not just build campaigns for impact films, but also support their creation. Each month, one of our team members picks a new project to support and highlights why YOU should check them out too. We call it Filmanthropy!

Welcome to Leith is a feature length documentary that offers a glimpse into the shocking realities of hatred and racism in a small town in North Dakota. Filmmakers Michael Beach Nichols and Christopher Walker chronicle the conflict and struggle between the town of Leith and Craig Cobb, a well known white supremacist. Filmed over an 8 month period in an eerie and under populated town, Welcome to Leith documents one man’s attempts to terrorize the community and gain control over the town.

Why We Picked This Project:

Welcome to Leith was an obvious choice for our June Filmanthropy. This beautiful film depicts the scary realities of racism in America. As a standalone piece, the Kickstarter teaser is remarkable. The cinematography exemplifies an impressive amount of talent and bravado; presenting the disgusting nature of the actions of Craig Cobb in a cinematically magnificent manner. Through haunting imagery, Welcome to Leith draws audiences into the eeriness of Leith and the struggle of the community against the white supremacist persecution.

In addition to the quality of the film, the project has already generated a significant amount of support. The film team released a teaser in February and by the second day, it had received over 21,675 views. Today over 242,000 people have viewed the teaser. Welcome to Leith has already garnered press attention from many notable sources including, Gawker, Huffington Post Live, Indiewire and Business Insider.

Social Action!

Welcome to Leith has the ability to have a lasting impact on audiences by contributing to larger conversations surrounding racism and discrimination in America. Unfortunately, there is dwindling attention given to the extreme racism that often dwells and thrives on the fringes of society, this film will publicly expose the despicable bigotry and hatred being inflicted onto this small town. There is extraordinary value in seeing what this type of hatred in action looks like and the need for urgent efforts to counter and reclaim the town’s identity. The film will be a much needed tool for awareness building and advocacy for civil liberties, freedom and racism. This story desperately needs to be told – because ‘your town could be next.’

Welcome to Leith exceeded its Kickstarter goal of $60,000 by over $4,751! Continue to support the film and learn more on Facebook.


By Emma Ho, Campaign Manager, Marketing and Campaigns (@emmaho13)

Emma’s strong background in PR and marketing as well as her passion for documentary film enable her to provide multi-disciplinary solutions to clients at Picture Motion. Emma is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Media Studies at The New School with a concentration in new media, documentary, and film. After receiving an Honors BA degree in Art History at Queens University in Kingston, Canada, Emma pursued a graduate certificate in Public Relations at NYU. She is most interested in film centered on social issues and has been an asset to the Picture Motion campaigns.